Depressed Mr. Jones

First brought to my attention by my partner’s uncle dad (crap!), “Super Carlos,” this photo series by Nicolas Silberfadan contextualized by various websites as a commentary on issues of unemployment (though the artist’s statement also includes mention of a “cultural crisis”) is worth checking out for a variety of reasons.


Depressed Mr. Jones: ‘Impersonators’ Photo Series Humanizes Our Heroes


4 thoughts on “Depressed Mr. Jones: ‘Impersonators’ Photo Series Humanizes Our Heroes

  1. I appreciate your eye for the macabre, and finding the humanity in it. I wish you well in your new journey, and may it lead you toward deeper self understanding and peace. Healing would be nice too.

  2. I think that’s a big reason why I’m studying Buddhist teachings to increase my inner peace, regardless of my external circumstances. I just received The Way of the Bodhisattva from Amazon, and I’m very interested in what I might learn from it – mostly the opportunity to train my mind to experience the peace that is available to all of us (if we just come to know how close it really is and what stands in our way from experiencing it – predominantly our conditioning is what is in our way).

    My husband and I went from a combined salary of 95k (before I left my medical genetics job to be a SAHM, and he got laid off from mechanical engineering for the second time before we had our daughters) to 6k – what we brought in for 2012 in our current jobs (he’s a licensed massage therapist and I’m a substitute teacher). We are paying for our own insurance, with no prescription plan (yikes, that’s painful).

    And yet I refuse to let these concerns continue to suck us under into the vortex of fear, panic and depression. Those things clouded my judgement to such a degree I couldn’t see options and I spent a great deal of time in bed, just giving up hope. Trust me, not too long ago, I’m pretty sure I DID look like those pictures.

    And just yesterday I was speaking to the science teacher in the room next to the one I was subbing in. His wife, believe it or not, is a geneticist at a local university hospital. I told him what a happy coincidence that was because I was planning on visiting the university to talk to someone there, and now I have a contact to visit with.

    • boy, you and me both. i’ve also been drawn to buddhist teachings for possibly similar reasons. i still remember the day a friend explained to me how i could watch my thoughts dispassionately. it was a revelation.

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